Why Costa Rica is a Birding paradise destination?

Let’s start saying that you will visit the happiest country in the world, also owning 10% of the bird species in the planet. Although it is a tiny land, it is blessed with a huge variety of birds. We are home to about 920 species, with about 103 endemic to the region. On the narrow land bridge that connects North and South America, you can also see migratory birds, which stop by at our country before continuing north or south.

What you can expect involves highlands, lowlands, rainforests, lush vegetation, volcanos, beaches in the Caribbean as well as in the Pacific ocean, hikes and lots of birds waiting to be discovered. Our land relief permits 12 of the planet’s 18 different life zones. ¡Come and experience this different microclimates and the birds that live here!

Flight Connections

Airport in San José:
Juan Santamaría International Airport









1 daily flight



London- Gatwick

British Airways

1 flight Wednesday, and Saturday



Paris (CDG)

Air France

1 Flight Friday and Sundays





1 flight Monday and Thursday



1 Flight Thursday and Saturday





1 Flight Tuesday and Friday





1 Flight Wednesday, Friday and Sundays until Dec, 2018. From January 2019, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sundays

South America Flights:
Juan Santamaría International Airport









3 daily flight





1 daily flight





1 Flight Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sundays

About Costa Rica


Costa Rica has approximately 6% of global biodiversity, covering just 51.100 km2. Thanks to serveral research centers, this value rises continously.

In this small area, around of 900 species of birds have been counted and since it has an excellent location billions of migratory birds can be spot. Time to get those check lists ready!


Costa Rica's health care system is rated one of the best in the world according to the World Health Organization (WHO). In case of an accident, you will feel safe thanks to the numerous hospitals in the central regions as well as smaller clinics or emergency centers in the villages.

If you travel from Europe, you do not require an specific vaccine. However do not hesitate to contact your doctor at home for an extra opinion or any doubt you may have.

Food & Drink

Rustic and delicious are the best words to describe costarrican dishes. Due the mix up of cultures that can be found in Costa Rica, there are many incredible recipes. Completely different from each side of the country.

We have a great water system. There is not problem to drink this liquid directly from the tap in most areas of the country.
Always ask at the front desk of your hotel to be sure!

Travel Tips

  • Move slowly in the forest. Quick movements can scare a bird more than the sound of your voice.

  • At the moment you spot a bird, spend most of the time looking at the bird instead of your field guide to confirm the species (you can check the information later).

  • Take care of your equipment, some times the A/C can fog your optics. Put your equipment in the bathroom, so it is away from the A/C, avoiding the condensation that happens with cold lenses and humidity.

  • Research about the local trees of Costa Rica. It would come in handy in order to recognize the specific tree where a bird is perched.

  • You will find some termite nest and squirrel nests in the trees of Costa Rica, learn how to spot them. These will be also references to spot specific birds.

  • Test your equipment before leave home, a good advise is to focus your eyes on the bird and then move your binoculars to your eyes in order to spot the bird faster.

  • Your location during the tour is important, the angles can vary, try to always be on the same spotting line and angle as your tour guide.
  • Check the locations you are going to visit in order to have an specific hitting bird list. You can use this information in order to arrange the specific spotting locations in advance.

  • Check out the songs of the common species before traveling in order to be familiar with them during the field trip.

  • Costa Rica is a very humid location, you can pack light weight and quick dry clothes for your visit.

Do you want to participate?

Costa Rica Birding Contest

Costa Rica Birding Contest
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  7. PRICE: $2650.00 USD
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An individual traveler is a birdwatcher who comes either on it’s own or accompanied with some partners to enjoy the Costa Rican birding paradise. If you are traveling solo and don't mind sharing a room for a better price, ask for half a double room and we will try to find a partner for the tour.

-A group is composed by 4-6 members of an asociation, tour operator or travel agency who join to compete together in the contest.

-Non Contest-participating companion: family and/or friends traveling to Costa Rica, but not wanting to participate on the contest. They rather join an alternativ program through this land.

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